C-Section Antenatal Classes

Antenatal classes specifically designed for those having a planned Caesarean Section. Available as a full course or a one-off session.

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We have created our C-Section antenatal courses specifically for women and their partners who are having a planned Caesarean section and therefore don’t need the information about labour and vaginal birth, but who still want to enjoy all the benefits of attending antenatal classes.

Run by experienced practising midwives, our C-section antenatal courses are relaxed, open, honest and non-judgmental and will help you feel at ease about your upcoming Caesarean section. We will provide practical advice on what you can do to prepare for your C-section, as well as an overview of what will happen on the day and for the rest of your stay at hospital and give you tips for recovery and early days with your baby, including breastfeeding, bottle feeding, baby care, bathing, baby wearing (slings), safe sleep and sleep expectations and much more.

Classes are small enough to allow interaction and space for asking questions, but large enough to enable you to meet other parents with babies due at similar times, giving you the opportunity to create a support network and potentially friends for the years to come.

If you have already attended a regular antenatal course, but your circumstances have changed and you now require a Caesarean section, you can book a one-off C-section session.
* Discount available if you have attended one of OUR antenatal courses. *


Our full C-Section antenatal courses consist of one Zoom session (C-Section specific) and 2 face to face sessions (infant feeding and baby care) where you will join our regular antenatal class.



In case the easing of restrictions does not go plan, then sessions 2 and 3 will continue on Zoom. If the whole course needs to be delivered via Zoom, it will still be as interactive and hands on as before! We will provide you with one of our ‘Feeding & baby care packs’ containing a weighted baby doll, knitted breast, baby bottle, baby clothes, disposable and reusable nappies, muslin and a stretchy wrap (sling), so our infant feeding and baby care sessions will still be ‘hands on’ – no different than what they are in the face to face environment. We have had a great feedback about our weighted dolls. They feel very realistic and are great for practising nappy changing, dressing, sling practice (baby wearing), breast and bottle feeding as well as holding and cuddling a baby. And there is a bonus – you will get to keep them until the end of the course, so you can practice as much as you like! Needless to say that everything in the pack will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after (we will arrange to meet up with everyone within the first couple of weeks of starting the course to hand the packs over – this will give us a chance to collect them from the previous group and give everything a good clean. They won’t be needed until the 3rd session).

This way you won’t miss out on any part of the course and you will still have a chance of meeting other expectant parents due at similar times as you. Same as with our face to face sessions, we will still have a break, so you can have a cuppa and a chat with the other participants. We are still planning to hold the reunion sessions face to face, once all the babies have been born and the restrictions lifted (whenever this will be!).


Our Course

  • 7.5 hour comprehensive course + 2.5 hour Reunion session once all the babies have arrived
  • Up-to-date and evidence-based content taught by experienced practising midwives
  • Private 1:1 sessions available – these can be tailored to suit your individual needs

Course Content

Please contact us directly to enquire about our course content.

Our C-Section Antenatal Class Services

Price: £140 (this includes you and your birthing partner)

  • 3 week course + reunion when all the babies have been born(10 hours)
  • Specially designed course for people who are having a planned Caesarean section
  • Includes a break with refreshments
  • Chance to meet other expectant parents with babies due at similar times
  • Opportunity to make new friends and create a support network
  • Support by your midwife for the duration of the course via email or WhatsApp
  • It is recommended to start the course when you are between 28 – 33 weeks pregnant or at least 4 weeks before the date of your planned Caesarean section (although due to the small class sizes we strongly recommend booking in advance to guarantee your place)

Price: £55 (*£40 for our existing clients)

  • 2 hour Zoom session
  • Suitable for anyone who has done a regular antenatal course but now requires a C-Section
  • Discounted rate for anyone who has already attended one of OUR regular antenatal courses

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