Midwife-led antenatal courses & IBCLC Breastfeeding Support, Norfolk, UK

The Birth Preparation Company is a small business based in Wymondham, Norfolk, owned by an experienced practising midwife and an IBCLC lactation consultant Andrea Evans, who is passionate about gently guiding you during your journey through pregnancy, birth and early days with your new baby.

As well as bringing you modern midwife-led antenatal courses, Andrea also offers caesarean-specific antenatal courses, antenatal breastfeeding workshops, IBCLC breastfeeding support in your own home and a free face-to-face newborn support group.

What clients say:

” Absolutely first class support. Truly wonderful experience with Andrea. I would always recommend her to any new parents who need help with nursing, so nice to have the help in your own home, 1 to 1. It’s a calm, peaceful and just more natural experience. Andrea had our son, who wouldn’t previously latch or suck, feeding from mummy within the first session so definitely money well spent to get some amazing help with no interruption. Thank you so much! “

” My husband and I have just completed The Birth Preparation Company’s Antenatal classes. Andrea is absolutely wonderful – so kind, approachable and knowledgeable. The course covers so much content, but in a really digestible way, with a mixture of information-led and hands-on learning. The fact that Andrea is a practicing midwife too means that she has that extra level of experience and understanding too. We now feel so much more informed and ready for our little one’s arrival – with the added benefit of meeting some lovely Mum and Dad’s-to-be too. We would absolutely recommend these classes. We might not all be lucky enough to have Andrea deliver our babies, but her support and guidance as part of this course is the next best thing! “

” Andrea is amazing!! If it wasn’t for her spending so much time helping me with with my baby girl’s latch and helping me to nail the rugby hold, I wouldn’t have carried on!! 3 months breastfeeding now 😍 Eternally thankful!! Xx “

” This course is the best money we’ve spent in preparation for the arrival of our baby – Andrea is amazing. She is so knowledgeable and every aspect of becoming a new parent is covered in detail. The sessions flew by and she even accommodated us virtually when Covid meant we unfortunately couldn’t attend the final two sessions in person. We cannot recommend this course and Andrea enough! “

” Andrea helped me so much with breastfeeding during our community midwife appointment. We’re nearly 8 weeks in and I love breastfeeding my baby boy! “

” Andrea’s antenatal course is fab! Not only is Andrea lovely and very knowledgeable, but she’s also realistic with the info and advice she gives. We were provided with handouts/info sheets after every session which were really useful to help digest what was covered in the session. We also referred back to these during labour and post birth. We would recommend the course to all expectant parents! ”

” Andrea – you are amazing and so knowledgeable 💜 Thank you for all the support you’ve given me to help me continue breastfeeding xx “